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Crispy Stuffed Paratha

Crispy Stuffed Paratha – A variety of paratha aloo, paneer, cauliflour, mooli,
methi and egg please ask chef for the paratha of the day
Each portion includes 1 paratha and yogurt (extra yogurt will be charged)

Adi Eggy Bread

My sons favourite bread dipped in sweet egg and fried. A portion
has 2 slices of bread.

Chaat Paata Vegetable Samosa Chat

Chaat PaataVegetable samosa Chat – Veg samosa topped up with chana
and onions, tomato, tamarind and mint sauce

Tarka Dhal

Tarka Dhal – Yellow Lentils slowly cooked & sauteed with garlic

Punjabi Halwa Puri

– Traditional Punjabi breakfast with either Punjabi chole
(chickpeas) or Aloo Bhujia with suji halwa and the most amazing fluffy puris. Each portion
contains Chana or aloo with Halwa and 2 Puris