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Adi’s Masala Chips

Adi’s Masala Chips – Pssst…. mum’s secret recipe cannot tell you apart from
OMG its the best

Garlic Chips

Garlic Chips – What can i say garlic and chips infussed with coriender, well no kissing
tonight unless there is a Vampire a

Babli’s Bombay Aloo

Babli’s Bombay Aloo – Cubes of potatoes cooked with caramelised onions &
tomato, my sister’s favourite dish

Dancing Mushroom & Peas in a Karahi

Dancing Mushroom & Peas in a Karahi – Finely chopped mushrooms
and succulent peas with caramelised onions

Chana Ki Tamana

Chana Ki Tamana – Soaked chick peas & cooked slowly to enhance flavour in a
creamy tomato plus onion sauce

Shahi Tarka Dhal

Shahi Tarka Dhal – Dhal infused with garlic

Matar Paneer

Matar Paneer – Homemade paneer (cheese) sauted with onions, tomatoes with peas
and cream, a must for paneer lovers

Gobi Da Phool and Aloo

Gobi Da Phool and Aloo – Cauliflower and potato what a great combination,
blended with chicken of onion tomato

Gobi Sabzi

Gobi Sabzi – Chunks of Cauliflower cooked with chunks of onions plus tomatoes

Pindi Da Saag Aloo

Pindi Da Saag Aloo – Cooked purely village style fresh spinach sauted with potatoes
in a creamy tomato and onion sauce

Nas Began Aloo

Nas Began Aloo – My favourite aubergine & potatoes but my mum forcefully
includes peas as well

Imra’s Saag Sabzi

Imra’s Saag Sabzi – My sister’s favourite, only spinach cooked with sauted onions
and tomato’s in cream



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