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Babli’s Bombay Aloo

Babli’s Bombay Aloo – Cubes of potatoes cooked with caramelised onions &
tomato, my sister’s favourite dish

Adi’s Pasta

Adi’s Pasta – Inspired by my son Quorn infused with Pesto,
Cream sauce & Seasonal Vegetables

Mama’ Coconut Rajma

Mama’ Coconut Rajma – Well we have to add some sea side freshness
Kidney beans infuses with Fresh Coconut Cream & Onions, my mama’s have town
mombasa, a recipe inspired by where my mama was born

Dancing Mushroom & Peas in a Karahi

Dancing Mushroom & Peas in a Karahi – Finely chopped
mushrooms and succulent peas with caramelised onions

Mazedar Dhal Makhani

Mazedar Dhal Makhani – 3 lentils cooked together slowly for 6 hours than
cooked in our onion and tomato sauce, we add cream to blend all the flavours together

Gobi Da Phool and Aloo

Gobi Da Phool and Aloo – Cauliflower and potato what a great
combination, blended with chicken of onion tomato

Pindi Da Saag Aloo

Pindi Da Saag Aloo – requested by some of our regular customers, village style
cooked and creamy sauce

Matar Aloo

Matar Aloo – Sauteed potatoes plus peas cooked in a fusion of
onion plus tomato sauce

Mama’s Began and Dudi Sabzi

Mama’s Began and Dudi Sabzi – Aubergine and dudi, these 2 vegetables
were meant to be cooked together. Cooked in a karahi style and tossed with fresh chunks
of tomato and spiced to your taste

Posho and Aloo

Posho and Aloo – Believe it runner beans are called “Posho” in Swahili. My
mum told me if I ate runner beans I would run fast!!! Well running fast lasted until I was
10years…. Try them you might run faster…..

Kerela Akela

Kerela Akela – Bitter Gourd cooked with onions and chunks of tomato

Chana dhal with Dudi

Chana dhal with Dudi – Dudi cooked with Chana Dhaal infused with Onions
and tomato sauce



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